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Acupuncture for all ages:
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese styles


Services/Treatment Methods Performed:

- Acupuncture
- Oncology acupuncture
- Needle free acupuncture, including moxibustion, cupping
- Cold laser therapy
- Energy therapy
- Qi Gong/Meditation
- Chi Nei Tsang
- Herbal/Nutritional therapy


Shannon B. Chanler, M.A., LAc., has been working with cancer patients for over 7 years in a hospital-based clinic. She offers CCM (Classical Chinese Medicine) methods to promote health in the cancer patient. Chinese medicine involves perceiving the body as a network of interdependent energy systems. The goal of CCM is to improve the body's energy flow and to promote your body's ability to heal. CCM is safe and effective, with positive side effects as your body is aided in restoring health.


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in learning how Classical Chinese Medicine may be of benefit to
you as a cancer patient, please call (585) 243-1774 or email Shannon.


CCM - nourishing your mind body spirit -
through acupuncture, nutrition, and meditation/Qi Gong


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